I love to go out for dinner. And I love take away. But sometimes all you want is a home cooked meal. No matter if you live in Copenhagen, or if you’re only here for a few weeks for an AirBnb-stay, today’s recommendation is for you. You should try a place called KOST at Vesterbro. I went there the other day.

KOST opened two and a half years ago and their business model is simple. Each week they prepare three vegetarian recipes. All week you can stop by and buy a pre-made bag for one person for 45 dkk. The bag contains one of the recipes and all the ingredients that you need to make the dish. Everything in the bag is organic and locally produced, and the bag contains the exact amount that you need of each ingredient - which means that you don’t waste any food when you prepare the dish (and you don’t need to pass by the supermarket on your way home to buy something extra).

I visited the small shop at Vesterbro in the beginning of this week, and since all three dishes on the menu sounded delicious, I biked home with three small bags in my basket.

One of my bags contained all the ingredients for fried beetroots with parmesan cheese, parsley and sea buckthorn. It took me less then 30 minutes from starting to prepare the food to serving it, and when the Film Critic Guy told me that the result reminded him of the food they serve at Manfreds (one of our favorite restaurants), I knew it was a success.

ADDRESS: KOST, Sønder Boulevard 52, Vesterbro

PRICE: 45 dkk / person for a vegetarian recipe and the ingredients. If you want to add meat or fish, it gets a little bit more expensive. When I was there, you could get a bag with meat for either 65, 75 or 105 dkk / person (the price depends on the type of meat/fish you choose).

Thanks to KOST for the collaboration.


Linn Grubbström

Linn is the main contributor of Guide To Copenhagen. She is from Sweden and has lived in Denmark since 2008. She lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and works with food photography. She also writes the Danish food blog Frk. Kræsen.