The beach is very close to the center of Copenhagen – it´s a popular place for active sports and also good for a quiet zen moment – here you can take a break from the pulse of the city.

You will see active people on bikes, rollerskate, skateboards and runners at the beach-promenade. In the water there is kayaks and kitesurfers. It´s always very inspiring to watch all that activity, I think – it´s never boring to take a stroll at the beachpark.

”Sneglen – the snail” is a spiral wooden jetty. In the summertime its filled with bathing teenagers having fun – but at the other seasons, its easy to find a quiet place there. You can bring hot tea and a book, plus it´s a good place for a meditation as well. It is one of my favorite places in Copenhagen.

I really enjoy the beach in the early spring and autumn – then its not so busy, as it is at summertime. My favorite time to visit is just before sunset – the colours of the sky and sea is changing a lot…. The sky gets filled with blue and pinktones right before the darkness falls.

Off season the ice/coffee bars is closed – so bring your own drink and snack supplies.

Amager Strandvej, 2300 København S (read more here)

Take the metro to the stop AmagerStrand (very close by)

Gitte Christensen

Gitte is an interior stylist and blogger from Copenhagen. She is the founder of Objects & Use, a sustainable website with design objects for everyday use.

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