I never like to admit it, but I’m a big fan of sweet things. Chocolate, cakes, anything with a high content of sugar. In Copenhagen, I have a few places that I prefer to visit, when the wish for something sweet is extra high.

Strangas Dessert Boutique
When I want to spoil myself big time, I go to Strangas. He makes the most delicious macarons and cakes that Copenhagen can offer, in minimalistic and sweet environments. You should go here if you want a real treat. Read my full post from Strangas HERE.
Address: Åboulevard 7

In one of my favorite streets, Jægersborggade, you’ll find Karamelleriet. The small candy store was started at the Danish island Bornholm, and the two ladies behind it make the softest candy. It’s a bit expensive (50 DKK for 130 g), so I only buy a few pieces when something extra special is happening.
Address: Jægersborggade 36

In the first of the two big halls at Torvehallerne, you’ll find all the sweets. My personal favorite is Café Rosa, which serves Swedish cinnamon buns. If you like other sweets, you’ll definitely find it in some of the small stalls.
Address: Israels Plads

Linn Grubbström

Linn is the main contributor of Guide To Copenhagen. She is from Sweden and has lived in Denmark since 2008. She lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and works with food photography. She also writes the Danish food blog Frk. Kræsen.