So good it’s bad. The famous tagline has never been more true than in the epic company of The Room. This is probably the most crappy movie you will ever see. But in the cult hands of the Danish home of B-movies Husets Biograf, the first Friday of every month, The Room is the perfect start for your Friday night out.

There are one rule in every cinema: Be quiet! However, not when watching The Room. It’s almost a demand that you loudly expresses how cheesy and bad you think the “star” of the movie Tommy Wiseau (think Arnold Schwarzenegger without the body) acts. And there are plenty of opportunities to buy another beer in the bar while the too long and embarrassing sex scenes are going on (and on and…).

Bonus info!
If you are a rookie at a screening of The Room, try and stay away of the front row seats. Suddenly a spontaneously pillow fight breaks loose(!).

Huset KBH, Rådhusstræde 13, Copenhagen K

60 DKK at the door, remember to bring cash

The first Friday in every month


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Morten Vejlgaard Just

Morten is the editor at the Danish radio show Filmnoter, a monthly radio show about movies and the film industry. He is also the owner of the site, where you find the shortest and sharpest film reviews in Denmark. Morten lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

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