It’s rainy, it’s windy and it’s so damn cold! It’s November in Copenhagen and my favorite time of the year. Though I hate the rain. And the wind. Actually I hate a lot of things about Copenhagen in November. But I do love the CPH:DOX. It’s one of the biggest and best festivals on documentary films in the World.

If you are stranded in Copenhagen in November, there is a pretty good chance that CPH:DOX is on it’s highest. With over 200 different films, cool concerts and a lot of other awesome events it’s very unlikely that you won’t find anything of your taste.

This year I think I will check out the music category with movies on Björk or Jimi Hendrix. However, there is no discussion on where to start. Beyond the Edge 3D. A mix of reconstructions and real footage of the first climb to the legendary mountain Mount Everest! In 3D!

It’s rainy, it’s windy and it’s so damn cold! And you get to climb the Mount Everest. That’s why I love November (and CPH:DOX) in Copenhagen.

WHERE: CPH:DOX are taking place at different cinemas all over Copenhagen. Check each film, to see where it is.

WHEN: 7-17 of November 2013

HOW: Find the program at CPH:DOX. Check for films that you want to see. Buy the tickets online.

Morten Vejlgaard Just

Morten is the editor at the Danish radio show Filmnoter, a monthly radio show about movies and the film industry. He is also the at the site, where you find film reviews. Morten lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

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