Lead by enfant terrible director Lars Von Trier, the Dogma 95 movement in the nineties introduced a new way of making movies. Since then, Danish film has been cool and often quite good.

Unfortunately Danish isn’t easy to understand by foreigners. Some people even say that it sounds like we are puking while talking - no wonder that it’s hard to guess what we are talking about.

Luckily Cinemateket in central Copenhagen has a solution to that. Almost every Sunday all year round, they show some of the best Danish movies - new as oldies - with English subtitles. I know, it sounds hard to read while you watch, but give it a try and enjoy first class Danish pictures.

The inhouse Restaurant Sult sells Danish pastry - also known as Danish - to be enjoyed on these Sundays.

Find the program at Cinematekets website

Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen

S-train, metro and several of the buses stop at Nørreport St. (200 meters away)

Morten Vejlgaard Just

Morten is the editor at the Danish radio show Filmnoter, a monthly radio show about movies and the film industry. He is also the at the site Filmz.dk, where you find film reviews. Morten lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen.

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