Copenhagen is filled with activities for couples in love. Here are three of them; one classic, one rather unknown but very romantic and one unusual but very fun activity.

1. Find the perfect beach
A classic Copenhagen activity (especially when the sun is high in the sky) is a day on the beach. Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world when it comes to beaches and open harbors, and you got to love that. It gives you plenty of opportunities to combine swimming, barbecue and watching people. My personal favorites are the real sandy beach at Amager, Amager Beach, and the more urban and busy beach at Islands Brygge. A third option is Svanemøllen Strand, which you can reach quite easy with the S-train.

Amager Strand, Amager
Islands Brygge Havnebad, Islands Brygge
Svaneknoppen, Svanemøllen Strand, Copenhagen

2. A stroll in Dragør
A 12 km bike ride from Copenhagen center, at the tip of Amager, you’ll find the small paradise Dragør. Surrounded by yellow fields, fresh air and low hanging jumbo jets you can taste some of Amager’s best ice cream at Nam Nam, while looking at the bridge over Øresund, the small boats and the old fort of Dragør. After the ice cream, I strongly recommend a stroll in the old town. It will instantly take you back to old Danish movies with its cobblestones, hollyhocks and romantic feel.

Nam Nam Is, Strandlinien 49, 2791 Dragør

3. Tour de bench
One thing the city is known for is its constant city renewal. One of the great results of that are all the new possibilities for relaxation in public. You’ll find green areas with benches everywhere – and there is plenty of room for everyone. Visit one bench or take the day off and visit all of them – there are benches for conversation in Bispeparken, benches for interaction in Leifsgade and next to the lake of Sankt Jørgen, you’ll find one of the most romantic benches in town.

Bispeparken, 2400 København
Leifsgade, 2300 København
Sankt Jørgen Lake, Søerne, Frederiksberg

Camilla is the author behind the Danish site Lovetimize. It’s a site listing romantic places and activities in Copenhagen.