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Fiskerikajen: The best fish and chips in Copenhagen

Fiskerikajen: The best fish and chips in Copenhagen

Let me introduce you to my best “fish pusher” in Copenhagen, Fiskerikajen. This small fish shop and mini-restaurant is situated in Torvehallerne, the covered market downtown Copenhagen. No matter if I want fresh oysters or mussels, salmon for home made sushi or delicious fast food (yes, I love fish and chips!) this is the place...

Top 3: Spring suggestions at Torvehallerne

Torvehallerne is one of my favorite places in Copenhagen all year around. However, when the open area between the two halls is full of sunshine, I like it even more. There are plenty of opportunities to sit outside and enjoy something to eat or drink. Here are my three favorite things to eat and drink...

Top 3: Christmas in Torvehallerne

When the Christmas comes closer, I love to visit Torvehallerne. The place is full of Christmas treats. Yesterday my parents visited Copenhagen, and I took them with me to try some of them. Here are my top three things to eat and drink when visiting Torvehallerne in December.
Top 3: Great take away in Copenhagen

Top 3: Great take away in Copenhagen

There are two types of take away. The fast one that you eat on the run because you don’t have time to sit down. And then there are the take away that you buy home at a Friday evening, because you want a delicious meal without cooking yourself. For the last category, I have a...

3 sweet experiences in Copenhagen

I never like to admit it, but I’m a big fan of sweet things. Chocolate, cakes, anything with a high content of sugar. In Copenhagen, I have a few places that I prefer to visit, when the wish for something sweet is extra high.

Torvehallerne: A new farmers market in Copenhagen

Torvehallerne is a big indoor farmers market in Copenhagen. There are two parts; one with chocolate, herbs, cakes and coffee, and one with butchers, fish dealers and tapas. I enjoy just going through there every now and then, and I have a bunch of places I usually stop by. Here are my favorites: Café Rosa...

Café Rosa: A Swedish café serving the best cinnamon rolls in Copenhagen

Since I’m Swedish, the Swedish cinnamon rolls will always have a special place in my heart. However, Swedish cinnamon rolls are almost impossible to find in Denmark.