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Jægersborggade: My favorite street in Copenhagen

Jægersborggade in Copenhagen is one of my favorite streets. It’s a short street, only 150 meters long. But that’s enough, because it has tons of cool small stores.

RETRO Nørrebro: When you want to drink coffee and relax

I used to work at RETRO Nørrebro before. It’s a café where everyone is volunteers, and I used to be in the event team. The event team met every now and then and we held long meetings in the old sofas, talking about ideas and plans and funny things, just to be able to sit...

Top 3: The best cafés with wifi in Copenhagen

I do a lot of freelance work, and I usually work from cafés. A nice coffee, good wifi and a creative environment and I am good to go. There are the three cafés with wifi in Copenhagen that I prefer to work from.