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Jægersborggade: My favorite street in Copenhagen

Jægersborggade in Copenhagen is one of my favorite streets. It’s a short street, only 150 meters long. But that’s enough, because it has tons of cool small stores.
Top 3: Great take away in Copenhagen

Top 3: Great take away in Copenhagen

There are two types of take away. The fast one that you eat on the run because you don’t have time to sit down. And then there are the take away that you buy home at a Friday evening, because you want a delicious meal without cooking yourself. For the last category, I have a...

Manfreds & Vin: My favorite restaurant in my favorite street

I have to admit. I have a small crush on Manfreds. In my opinion, it’s the best restaurant in Copenhagen. Manfreds has been the place where I’ve celebrated my two last birthdays, and it has been pretty perfect both times. The Film Critic guy, me, candles at the table, delicious food and the most amazing...