“Just living is not enough, one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower” said H.C. Andersen once.

His thoughts must have been with Assistens Kirkegård on Nørrebro for here you get it all; flowers, birdsong, grass, peaceful benches and a bit of history. That is why this lovely green and quiet oasis in Copenhagen has a special place in my heart. The park is the largest of all the green spots on Inner Nørrebro and you can easily enter the park from Nørrebrogade.

But Assistens Kirkegård is more than just a peaceful green spot in the capital. The park has a twist that makes it one of its kind. Tell me, how often do you go for a picnic in a graveyard? - for that is the original purpose for this park. Kirkegård means graveyard and many Copenhageners have been buried here throughout the years since an old tobacco field made way for the graveyard that opened in 1760.

Assistens Kirkegård is known for the many tombs of famous Danish people, such as Søren Kierkegaard, H.C. Ørsted and our own fairytale writer H. C. Andersen. You can visit them all on a stroll in the park. There is also a nice museums explaining about the history.

But today the park is more than just a memory of the past, it is vivid and popular place for many Copenhageners in the weekend, when they need to get away from the fast beating pulse of the city and feel grass under their toes.

Grab a piece of cake or a sandwich from the nearby cozy Jægersborggade and find a quiet spot in the park or search for tombs of the famous Danish characters. In season you can even find berries, elderflowers and herbs, which is something an urban gardener like me loves.

Assistens Kirkegaard, Nørrebro (you can enter from Nørrebrogade or Jagtvej)

Bus 5A to Kapelvej (100 meters away)

Katrine Dybkjær

Katrine is one out of two writers at the blog Københavnerliv, a blog about everyday life and sweet places in Copenhagen. She studies communication, marketing and culture at Copenhagen Business School.