Friday night. Sunshine. A dress. And pizza. I’ve been quite a fan of Kødbyen (the Meatpacking district) since I moved to Copenhagen in 2010. The industrial buildings, the raw look. If you don’t know that you’re next to town, actually in the middle of town, you might think that you’re at any parking lot, at any place in Denmark. The crazy amount of people hanging out, no matter of the weather, proves the thought about a distant parking lot wrong. This is central. I’ve been her dancing, I’ve been here eating fish and chips, I’ve been here hanging out. And I’ve been here for pizza.

Mother might be the most famous pizza place (even if their homepage states it’s an Italian restaurant – not only a pizza place – which is true) in Copenhagen, or at least the one my friends hype the most. “Oh, their capricciosa, have you tried their brunch, OMG the drink I got last Friday.” It’s all true.

Last time I visited Mother, was Friday night. I had reserved a table, and while waiting for it we had a strawberry drink and some olives. We sat outside; I had forgotten my sun glasses and several persons I know came by, hanging out at the places around. Add some good food to that, and you got yourself quite an amazing Friday night. Cheers!

Høkerboderne 9-15

S-train to stop Dybbølsbro St. (600 meters) or S-train/Bus to Hovedbanegården (700 meters)

80-150 DKK for a pizza, 50-70 DKK for a glas of wine

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