Guide to Copenhagen: e-book
Planning to visit Copenhagen?
Copenhagen is great. It’s our favorite town. But if you don’t know the town that well, it can be hard to find the nice, local places. We totally understand that you want to see the Little Marmaid and have a beer in Nyhavn, but when you’re done with that, we would love to show you our favorite places. And we have collected the top 50 in an e-book full of suggestions;

✔ The best restaurants
✔ Great coffee bars and delicious cakes
✔ Danish beer and cool bars
✔ The best shops, museums and other thing to do when it’s raining

We tell you about our favorite places, where you can find them, what they cost and if you should book a table in advance. We also share practical information that is good to know when traveling to Copenhagen.

Payment and delivery
The e-book costs 50 DKK. When you’ve paid for the e-book you’ll receive an e-mail with a pdf with the book in 24 hours. You can save the pdf at your computer or phone.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or send our editor an e-mail at linn (at) We’ve just started selling our e-book, so if there are any technical problems in the beginning, we apologize. You can read more practical information about the return policy here.