It’s barely any secret that the short street Værnedamsvej is something special. Sometime it reminds me of New York. Other days it makes me think of Berlin. I guess it’s the many colors and the small flower boutique in the middle of the street as well as the fancy people passing by.

A few weeks ago, a new place opened in Værnedamsvej. It’s called RIST Kaffebar, and is a small coffee bar with two tiny tables and a few unmatched chairs outside. The sidewalk is not very big, but when the sun shines several guests move their chairs outside, to enjoy both a good coffee and the sun at the same time. It’s Copenhagen in a nutshell.

When I go inside to order, I ask the woman preparing my coffee how long they’ve been open. “Only for three weeks” she tells me. “It’s going really good, and we already have a few people that comes down every morning for breakfast”. That’s a good sign. A coffee bar with frequenters is usually a good coffee bar, and I’m sure that I’ll visit again as well.

RIST Kaffebar, Værnedamsvej 4, Vesterbro

26 dkk for an americano

Bus 6A to Frederiksberg Allé (200 meters)

Linn Grubbström

Linn is the main contributor of Guide To Copenhagen. She is from Sweden and has lived in Denmark since 2008. She lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and works with food photography. She also writes the Danish food blog Frk. Kræsen.