Kosta Kaffebar is undoubtedly my favourite place to gear up for a productive day. When I was cranking out never-ending essays or cramming for finals, it always provided a conducive space for work to get done. There are many things I love about Kosta, but let’s begin with space. There are plenty of seats inviting you in for the day - small corners for quiet and concentration, but also window seats for those who enjoy a good view.

Nothing else is as synonymous a pair as coffee and productivity, so be sure to order yourself a steaming cuppa joe. In my opinion, Kosta serves up one of the best coffees in the city. The food is also delicious and I often find myself craving a sandwich of theirs! The best part is that everything is all highly affordable.

The ambiance is cosy and modest, yet modern as art pieces adorn the walls. There is also free wi-fi all day and many power sockets available which makes it an ideal place to work. When you find yourself in need of a break, order a slice of carrot cake (it’s really good). Without a doubt, Kotsa Kaffebar is my favourite cafe in Amagerbro for a day of work!

Amagerbrogade 32

27 dkk for a coffee, 49 dkk for a sandwich

Metro to Amagerbro (230 metres away)

Cheryl Lin

Cheryl is a Communications student from Singapore who called Copenhagen her home for a semester abroad. She takes photos and writes things on occasion at messycheryl.blogspot.com