My friend Mads is moving to China for several years, so yesterday we enjoyed a ”bye bye, see you in 2016”-lunch close to where I work at Christianshavn. My roomie had told me about a great place called Sweet Treat, so I decided to take Mads there. I had read reviews about the place on beforehand, and knew that it is known to be tiny, crowded and very good.

If you want to have lunch at Sweet Treat, you should order their “rågbrødsmad”, which are traditional Danish sandwiches. They come in several different versions and as usual, I had a very hard time to decide which one to have. I ended up telling the man taking my order that he should “surprise me”. Five minutes later, he placed a plate in front of me at the small table. “I split it in to two small sandwiches instead, so that you can try both the fish and the meat” he told me, smiling. I guess that’s what you call good service.

According to the reviews online, Sweet Treat is famous for their coffee. I didn’t have the time to try it now, but next time I want a coffee at Christianshavn I will try it.

Sweet Treat, Sankt Annæ Gade 3A, Christianshavn

Metro to stop Christianshavn (150 meters away)

25 DKK for a coffee, rågbrødsmad/sandwich 40 DKK, breakfast 70 DKK

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Linn Grubbström

Linn is the main contributor of Guide To Copenhagen. She is from Sweden and has lived in Denmark since 2008. She lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and works with food photography. She also writes the Danish food blog Frk. Kræsen.