I spent my first 18 years in a very small town in the south of Sweden. My small town didn’t even include a bar. We had to take the train to the neighborhood city. When I started at the university, I moved to a bigger town in Sweden. It had bars, for sure, but it wasn’t until I ended up in Copenhagen that I realized that it actually exists bars that only serve wine. Like… wine bars.

It took me some time before I first went to a wine bar in Copenhagen. Coming from my small town, I was convinced that wine bars weren’t for me. It all seemed a bit to pretentious. And expensive. However, when I was out of bad excuses for not trying a glass of something at one of the wine bars in Copenhagen, I went. And I loved it!

Now I believe that wine bars are a fantastic concept, and know that it doesn’t need to be neither expensive nor pretentious. Copenhagen has so many nice ones. These are my three favorite ones in my neighborhood Nørrebro.

Even if Terroiristen is situated at Jægersborggade, which is one of my favorite streets in Copenhagen, it took me quite a while before I went for my first glass of wine there. The place seemed a bit too exclusive, and I was sure it wasn’t for me. One winter evening last year, the Film Critic Guy and I decided to try it out anyway and I hated myself for not doing that a lot earlier. It was adorable. The staff knows exactly everything there is to know about wine, and even if I give them the worst explanation about what I would fancy to drink, they always hand me the right glass of wine. And as long as you tell them that you’re not that rich, they give you suggestions that you can afford.
Address: Terroiristen, Jægersborggade 52, Nørrebro

If you don’t know where this very tiny wine bar is situated, you’ll never find it. It’s situated at an odd place, and except this one small bar next to it, it’s quite a bit to the nearest restaurant or café. This place used to be a butcher, and if you look around, you might be able to sense how the room looked back then. There are only three or four small tables and you have to sit close together to the one next to you. I love this place, because it’s a fantastic mix of people and I always feel a bit special here, being one of the persons’ knowing that it exists.
Address: Sabotøren, Fensmarkgade 27, Nørrebro

At Vinhanen they serve wine “to go” or “to stay”. They have it in giant containers inside. It might not be the fanciest way to serve wine, but it’s definitely the cheapest one. And don’t let the special settings scare you away - the wine is good and the atmosphere is nice.
Address: Vinahen, Baggesensgade 13, Nørrebro

Linn Katarina Grubbström

Linn is the main contributor of Guide To Copenhagen. She is from Sweden, and has lived in Denmark since 2008. She lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and works with food communication. She is also the creator of the Danish food blog and radio show Frk. Kræsen.

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