Copenhagen is full of great places, especially for a bon vivant like me, which makes it hard to pick one favorite place. The city has a lot of great restaurants, wine and beer bars, but there are also a few cocktail bars which are definitely worth a visit. One of my favorite cocktail bars is The Union, which is one of the best cocktail bars in Copenhagen. The Union is well hidden behind a bare, black facade, so it may require some patience to find and enter it. You have to find the black door with the gold doorbell, ring the bell and wait for the door to open. You then enter a dark hallway which leads to another door where you will find the actual bar.

The Union is inspired by the so called “Speakeasies”, from the Prohibition era (1920s) in the US, which illegally sold alcoholic beverages. Although The Union is not selling anything illegally, everything about the place is inspired by these establishments. When I first entered The Union it felt like walking into a time warp; The place is dimly lit and the music playing is mostly from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. The bartenders are wearing leather aprons
and are all very skilled.

The Union has one of the largest collections of liquor in the city, and even though they do have a cocktail card, the bartenders are happy to mix a variation of your favorite cocktail or just free-style based on a specific liquor. The cocktails are classic, so you will find neither mojitos or frozen daiquiris in the cocktail card, and do not even think about ordering a vodka-red bull! With that being said, The Union is the best cocktail bar I have ever visited. The place and atmosphere is unique and the cocktails are of superb quality.

The Union, Store Strandstræde, Copenhagen K., Black Door, Gold Doorbell

The cocktails are DKK 120-130 each

Metro to Kongens Nytorv (300 meters away)

Martin Villumsen

Martin is currently studying Computer Science at University of Southern Denmark in Odense. He is also running the Danish food blog rigeligtsmø where he blogs about food, wine, restaurant visits etc.

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