In Copenhagen (or Denmark), we have a special kind of bars called “bodegas”. It’s a bar where you’re allowed to smoke inside. Copenhagen has a bodega in every street corner. Some of them are nice. Some of them are very old school. Some of them are full of old men with interesting stories. In other words: It can be hard to find out which one you fancy the most.

One bodega that I really like is Baren i Kronborggade 3. It mostly contains of people between 20-30 drinking beer and smoking. They talk about concerts and summer plans while playing crap games. It’s very typically Nørrebro (the part of town where the bar is situated), in the good way.

Another reason why I fancy this bar is because of the sign. I mean, look at the image in this post. This street contains of apartments and cars, and nothing else. And then there is this bar, with a sign saying BAR. Love it.

If you like vodka, this is the place to go. They have a big selection to choose from.

Kronborggade 3, Nørrebro

S-train to stop Nørrebro St (1000 meters) or bus 5A stop Stefansgade (400 meters)

20-40 DKK for something to drink

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Linn Katarina Grubbström

Linn is the main contributor of Guide To Copenhagen. She is from Sweden, and has lived in Denmark since 2008. She lives at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and works with food communication. She is also the creator of the Danish food blog and radio show Frk. Kræsen.

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