About Guide to Copenhagen
Guide to Copenhagen is a guide telling you where to eat, drink and hang out in Copenhagen. The site was started in 2013 by the editor Linn, since she was sad that so many tourists in Copenhagen never experience the good places outside “Strøget” and the city center. She started recommending people to her favorite spots around town and quite soon different guest bloggers started to help.

Write for Guide to Copenhagen
If you want to write for guide-to-copenhagen.com, you should send us an e-mail at linn (at) guide-to-copenhagen.com. Add a few links to posts you’ve done at other sites, so that we can see what you usually do. Images are really important at this site, so you have to be able to master a system camera and Photoshop and consider yourself a good photographer.

Questions about Copenhagen
Do you have a question about Copenhagen and can’t find the answer at the site? You’re always welcome to leave a comment or write us an e-mail at linn (at) guide-to-copenhagen.com. We promise to answer you as fast as we can.

Reviews at Guide to Copenhagen
Most of the places we write about are our own favorite places around town. If you think that we’ve missed your favorite place (or your restaurant or café!), please write and tell us. We love to explore new places in town.

Collaborate with Guide to Copenhagen
If your company wants to collaborate with Guide to Copenhagen, you’re more than welcome to write us at linn (at) guide-to-copenhagen.com. We appreciate if you clearly state that you write on behalf of a company, so that we know.

Mail: linn (at) guide-to-copenhagen.com